Dec 7, 2012

Pick of the Week

Looking for something to read this weekend?  Here's a suggestion for the inquisitive among you!

by Adam Hart-Davis
The Book of Time is a complete guide to one of the most important, paradoxical and truly mind-bending subjects there is. It explores every aspect of time, including how it works in the natural world and in our bodies, its significance in religion and philosophy, how we measure it and how it has been essential to our scientific understanding of the universe and everything in it. Five sections of insightful text, color photographs and sidebars call on social and political history, science, religion, philosophy, psychology, physics, astronomy, commerce and the natural world to explore time from different perspectives. Time can be billions of years or billionths of a second, but it is always passing... or is it? The Book of Time is a fascinating account of a universal mystery.

And remember that even when the library is closed for the holidays, you can still check out eBooks and eAudiobooks using our OverDrive service!

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