Aug 24, 2012

Pick of the Week

Looking for something to read this weekend?  Why not consider this book:

by Karen Joy Fowler
If you loved The Jane Austen Book Club, you'll revel in Wit's End, a sly and clever novel of mystery, intrigue, and virtual reality. Wit's End is many things: a quest novel a young woman s search for the truth about her dead father's past; a mystery the story of a long-ago murder in which that father might have been complicit; and a game one that ensnares readers in cunning deceptions, challenging them to separate the true from the fictive. Set in contemporary Santa Cruz, the novel centers on Rima Lanisell, a young woman at loose ends, having just lost her father to cancer. Now she has come to coastal California at the behest of her godmother, Addison Early, who once knew Rima's father well. Perhaps too well. Wit's End is Karen Joy Fowler at her most subversive and witty, creating characters both oddball and endearing in a voice that is uniquely and memorably her own.

Also available in large print and as a CD talking book!

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